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To empower formerly incarcerated and poverty stricken individuals to recondition their minds. Providing them with life skills to overcome barriers and enter the workforce.

"I'm an individual who exemplifies what a second chance looks like." 

Image by Peter Gargiulo


Motivational Speaker, Storytelling Educator, Community Advocate &

Founder of Royal G Enterprise

Stephen Campbell is an extraordinary individual who exemplifies what a second chance looks like. He recently received his B.S. in Manufacturing Management, from Goodwin University, where he has blossomed into the role of an Instructor of CNC Machining. In this position, he contributes to students becoming professionally trained in advanced manufacturing...

Image by Martin Adams

What does it mean to be a royal g?







Individuals that are accountable, responsible, respectable, reliable, committed to leveling up and always evolving. 

Royal G is more about evolving and transitioning through adversity. it speaks to a new mindset. A change in perspective. Longevity is the true power stick to the basics 1 + 1 = 2 



Duality - Royal G:

Gangster & Gentlemen

Understanding that you are on the spectrum just at the opposite end. You have transitioned to a higher level of being a G. You stayed 10 toes down and made it through the struggle. You have Morals, Values, Honor, Love, Loyalty and Respect. You never compromised who you are at the core yet have grown and now have the ability to play in different arenas. Through all the Wins and Losses you keep your head high.

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