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My life experience has taught me that my life purpose is to to motivate, inspire, and support my community through storytelling, education, and collaboration. I genuinely believe that we all deserve a second-chance and that when presented with the opportunity to do better, we become better people. Royal G was founded on that belief. 

Speaking Engagements

Stephen Campbell

Use insight plus intuition and watch as you begin to ascend." - Stephen P. Campbell

As a keynote speaker, I will bring inspiration, motivation, interaction, and thought-provoking stories to the stage. I can speak from the perspective of a former at risk youth, someone who has been locked behind physical and mental bars, a dishwasher with a relentless determination to become who I always knew I could be, and now an author, professor, and founder of Royal G Enterprise. 

Although I am based in Connecticut, I am available for speaking engagements across the United States, for both in-person and virtual events. My presentations are customized for your specific needs and age group, providing your audience authentic real life stories from someone who understands and cherishes the power of transformation. Please contact me to inquire about or to schedule a speaking engagement.

Transcend through Transition 

( 6 Week Program)

This program is designed to help individual who are returning to the community seeking a second chance, at-risk youth, or anyone looking for an opportunity.

Transcend Through Transition is a program created to assist individuals with self-improvement, providing them with the necessary tools to create a meaningful life. I believe that when individuals are guided to navigate life in a constructive way, there will be positive changes within the community. The purpose of Transcend Through Transition is to address individuals’ mindsets through a curriculum geared towards introspection where they are encouraged to think critically about their life. In this program, the students will develop leadership skills, build confidence, and enhance their vocabulary.

I am on a mission to coach and train individuals in ways that they can add value and become productive members of the community. If you would like to know more about how this program will benefit you or your organization let’s team up…

Frequently Asked Questions

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