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Image by Henrik Dønnestad


Why is it or does it seem so hard to do the things that are important?

Also, when you are focused why does it seem like you are faced with all the temptations and distractions to derail you from your desired course? How does one stay the course without giving in to those immediate gratifications? Discipline, determination, and dedication I believe are the key to staying focused on what is important. Learn how to firmly say no to those things that don’t move you towards your goals. Trust your instincts, have you ever had that feeling where you knew you weren’t supposed to go out or you knew you were supposed to say no, yet you said yes. What happened? Most of the time we know what we feel, we just second guess ourselves which can be detrimental. Think about things from a different perspective, get in the habit of having conversations with yourself. Ask yourself why? Have a purpose, find your balance. It is alright to do the things you enjoy doing, it only becomes a problem when you decide at the wrong time to do things that pull you away from your goals. Step back and look at the big picture. Take care of what is important first…


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