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In life, you have to be willing to make sacrifices- give something up in order to achieve things, you want. We make sacrifices every day, every moment. Think about it…

When you accept a certain activity or engage in a particular behavior it is leading you in a known direction. If you want to buy a house, there is a process for that. You need to create a plan of action that speaks to bringing the vision to fruition. You must save money, build credit, and make sacrifices to bring this dream/ goal to life. If you fail to sacrifice- give up-the behaviors and patterns that don’t reflect someone preparing to purchase a home, then you are proving the opposite to be true. You are sacrificing- giving up-the requirements to manifest your vision because you can’t let go of behaviors that prevent you from owning a house. This is true about anything in life.

Make sure you are examining two aspects of your life.

  1. What do you want and desire? What’s your vision?

  2. Are the behaviors and patterns you embrace or engage in aligned with that vision?

You are either sacrificing for your dreams, wants, and desires, or you are sacrificing doing what it takes to create the reality you say you want…


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