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Image by Henrik Dønnestad


Every day you are at war, fighting for your dreams and your vision.

In war, you have enemies and allies. Your enemies are the ones that will look to talk you into believing that your vision is unattainable, they will downplay your ideas. Spending too much time around those people will kill your drive, causing you to doubt yourself. Be careful, you must guard yourself against those negative influences. Everyone will not see your vision; they have their own vision, and you should not waste time with those who can’t see it. Your allies will support and encourage you to continue to push towards your dreams. They will guide and direct you, opening new doors to connect to different resources. You have to be mindful of where you are putting your time and energy, what you focus on will expand. Who do you surround yourself with matters too? People are either enemies or allies, and learn to pay attention to who is who. Don’t become an enemy to your own dreams, where you are at war with yourself.


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